Artificial Intelligence: High-paying Jobs Mastered by Robots

It doesn’t ask to let off work early and doesn’t take medical leave. We have long been afraid that the picky and very skilled worker artificial intelligence (AI) will capture the labor market and we will lose our job. The predictions about genuinely human professions based on empathy and creativity, artists and psychologists calm down slightly — a machine can’t overcome this.But the AI has already come in to work and it seems that the first day had gone very well if we will talk without fears and consolations. What vacancies did our main competitor take?  In October, the picture created by AI has been sold from the Christie’s auction. Its developers used portraits on Wikiart to develop neural connections in AI, and now it creates new works imitating originals. The picture was sold for $ 432 thousand. But it turned out a bit fuzzy.

Another artificial intelligence program is AttnGAN; it creates pictures based on the words entered. The images signed with different words were shown to AI to teach it. And now, when AttnGAN sees the word, it is trying to create a new image based on what it saw earlier. It looks like a game of association. But actually, the image turns out slightly distorted.In China, the AI ​​debuted for the first time as a news anchor with a welcome speech in English on November 8. The prototype was developed by Xinhua State News Agency and the Sogou Chinese search system. It is able to imitate human voice, facial expressions and gestures, learns from videos and, according to Xinhua, can read texts as naturally as a professional announcer. The developers said that AI can work 24 hours a day and will reduce the cost of producing news significantly. And how can I say that this is not a man?  The European Union launched iBorderCtrl — an AI system to control the crossing of the Schengen zone by third-country nationals. iBorderCtrl identifies people by asking for their name, date of birth, and other important information in order to verify the authenticity of the documents.

The system uses special facial expression markers to determine if a person is telling the truth. iBorderCtrl system was tested on 32 people and it was accurate in 85% of cases. This AI system functions only on the border of Hungary, Latvia and Greece now, travelers will be able to appear before AI only after written consent to this meeting.Join to our Telegram channel to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.We don’t want to downplay the importance of such an important human profession. AI still needs to be developed to replace the man here. But Google has already taught LYNA artificial intelligence to detect breast cancer, which spreads beyond the initial focus (metastasis) and touches lymph nodes. LYNA was programmed to determine the stage of the disease and prescribe the necessary treatment. According to Google, AI identifies cancer correctly with 99% accuracy. LYNA was able to notice even small focus of disease that wasn’t identified by diagnostic doctors. This is another hit of the “AI is devoid of creativity” argument. Amadeus Code, an AI-based system, was taught to use the motifs of famous songs to create new melodies.

The Amadeus Code application creates so-called “sketches” of songs and chord groups with which users create new melodies. The developers note that the AI will not be able to tell about their inner struggle or reveal the inner world that affect man when creating new melody. But AI can become a creative tool that will allow musicians to open new horizons.