SCAM — Count Your Blessings With Offers of Passive Income HYIP — Bulls Bend Over Backwards to Investors [5.5% For 6 Weeks + 9-3-2-1% R. C.] HYIP has been working since January 11, 2019. According to the site, Signum Trade LTD registered as a UK company with 11761858 number. It is the first pseudo trading company that open hides about strategies on the Forex (foreign exchange, FX — the greatest financial market). They talking about EMA index and weekly trading strategies with five candlesticks. Trader’s team doesn’t open access to active trading in the market but offer passive profit according to the invested capital.Our team offers only 3% to its investors. Users register via our links and get nice bonuses to the internal account of the forum. The investor receiving at least $10 and can withdraw money on his favorite payment system or spends on the purchase of vouchers.

On the link below the user can find info about the real age of the program.The admin of this project did 2 important things: skillfully hid the real age of the investment program and set a low percentage of referral rewards. Beginners will be thinking that the program is stable because it works for a long time. Regular players understand that the project team uses its own sources of promotion, and doesn’t exist at the expense of partners. We see the position of both parties. More attention to the project means a higher chance for its successful work.

Financial Part

The support process withdrawal request in manual mode within 72 hours. They also accept withdrawal requests on weekends. Principal back for all plans at the end of deposit. Investors can join to community via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Any fees or charges are not existing.

Signum Trade take care about investors and gives them the opportunity to independently send information to the tax authorities. We also remind that in most developed countries, after exceeding a certain limit of transactions in a bank account, investors’ bank may send information about his income, but not Signum Trade. Therefore, if the user receives a net profit, he decides on his own whether to include this profit in the tax return or not.As investors saying, plans are not logical. For example, if investor want to invest a big amount, it will be more profitable to invest on the first offer and receive 50% of net profit or invest for 10 days and receive the same 50% daily profit. So, if we invested $200 on first plan, we will receive $206 on internal balance after 24 hours from investing. Affiliate Program

Admin has a partnership program with 3 tiers and 3-2-1% of the reward. User doesn’t need an active deposit for receiving affiliate bonuses. Be careful with entering the email during the registration because the program’s support cannot change it.