UK’s National Cyber Security Centre Publishes Most Hacked Passwords

Specialists from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published the 100,000  most commonly re-occurring passwords that have been accessed by third parties in global cyber breaches.123456 leads the list of the most vulnerable passwords — it was used by 23.2 million accounts, which were cracked. Password 123456789 protects 7.7 million accounts, qwerty — 3.8 million, password — 3.6 million. Used by 3.1 million victims of cyber attacks, 1111111 сloses the top five most unreliable passwords. NCSC’s experts advise to use hard-to-guess passwords such as  three random but memorable words as a password for your account. Passwords combining combinations with letters of different registers, numbers and symbols are also considered reliable.

As a reminder, cryptocurrency investors sit at number three on annual “Worst Password Offenders” list, issued by password management and crypto custody company Dashlane back in December.Join to our Telegram channel to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.The company recommends the following precautions for password users. 

  1.  Ensure that all accounts are password protected, including email accounts, servers, apps or anything that may contain sensitive personal data. The presence of a strong password is often the only line of defense between user data and hackers.
  2. Use strong passwords that avoid the risk of being guessed after a rudimentary amount of research into the user. Passwords should not contain names or proper nouns that can easily be associated with the user, or weak number sequences like the user’s date of birth. It is recommended that all passwords exceed eight characters and include a mix of letters, number and symbols.
  3. Do not reuse passwords: each account should be protected with a unique password. This reduces the risk of hackers gaining access to a user’s sensitive data by compromising other accounts using the same password.