OnederX Launches Meme Trading 

The derivatives market has launches meme-based trading index. The new trading tool is based on a particular subculture that first emerged on Reddit — the MemeEconomy. Meme Trading index allows to evaluate the degree of activity in thematic meme-communities as a composite index.From now on, any user will be able to earn real Bitcoins based on people’s interest in specific memes — by forecasting meme trends and betting on them on the exchange. MemeEconomy is a popular ironic concept that views Internet memes as a tradable market asset. Within the economy of experiences, memes have an inherent value, meaning that they can be traded just like any other item of value. Since the subculture’s emergence in 2016, several Internet projects were founded based on it, the most famous of them being the parody exchange NASDANQ. It features prices for popular memes and its own virtual currency. The main problem was that a good few of memes quickly lost popularity, as their total number grew rapidly.Join to our Telegram channel to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.OnederX has makde serious updates to the MemeEconomy:

  • At OnederX, users trade not in particular memes, but in a composite index that tracks the activity of leading meme communities in real time;
  • OnederX offers to earn real Bitcoins, not internal currency units (the way it was at NASDANQ, for instance); 
  • trading in the meme index uses a standard tool well known to any trader — non-deliverable futures.