Daimler, BMW Team Up to Set Self-driving Car Industry Standard

Daimler and BMW are teaming up to develop autonomous driving technology  and create market standards that will help shape future regulation of driverless car industry. Klaus Froehlich, BMW’s board member responsible for development, said: “It is a chicken and egg situation. Somebody has to standardize the technology and regulation will follow.” Cooperation of BMW and Daimler that was motivated by spiraling development costs for self-driving cars, will allow the companies to share both the financial and engineering burden. 

Manufacturers of autonomous cars take on potential liability risks arising from accidents, forcing the industry to define technological standards which can be used by regulators for drafting rules.Join to our Telegram channel HYIP.com to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.In the coming four months, BMW and Daimler will form committees for the selection of potential technology suppliers and will attract other automakers to develop market standards. Partners intend to develop advanced next-generation advanced driver assistance systems for cars.