Mark Zuckerberg Commends Potential of Blockchain Login

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has commended the potential of blockchain technology to allow internet users to log in to various services via one set of credentials without third parties.Zuckerberg considers blockchain a compelling alternative to services like Facebook Connect, a single sign-on application which allows users to interact on other websites through their Facebook account. “A use of blockchain that I’ve been thinking about … though I haven’t figured out a way to make this work out, is around authentication and… granting access to your information to different services,” he  said in a video interview with Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain.

“Basically, you take your information, you store it on some decentralized system and you have the choice to log into places without going through an intermediary,” Zuckerberg added. Join to our Telegram channel to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.Facebook CEO said, that blockchain login would appeal to software developers who don’t want to rely on corporations that can cut off users’ access. He also mentioned, that it would also prevent companies from dealing with bad actors.