Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Offers Elon Musk Permanent Residency

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has offered Tesla CEO Elon Musk a green card during a meeting at Zhongnanhai earlier this week. When Musk expressed his affection for China, Li offered permanent residency. “I love China and want to come here more often,” Musk was quoted as saying in a report on

“If you do, we can issue you a Chinese green card,” the premier replied.The meeting followed Musk’s visit to Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 project in Shanghai, the company’s first production base outside of the US.

Chinese green cards are notoriously difficult to obtain. In 2016, around 10,000 were awarded to foreign nationals. In contrast, more than 1 million people were granted permanent residency in the US during 2017. Tesla’s factory is a big deal for Shanghai. It is the largest foreign investment-funded industrial project in the city’s history. Li said he welcomed greater cooperation with companies from around the world.Join to our Telegram channel to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.