Japanese Video Ads Platform C0ban.tv Pays Users in Crypto

A Japanese online video advertising platform c0ban.tv has announced its plans of expansion to English-language markets, according to Cointelegraph report. C0ban’s users are paid with c0ban coins (RYO) for watching short video ads posted on c0ban’s app.Developed by the LastRoots corporation, the platform has over 50,000 users and five million transactions per month. To receive rewards a user has to sign in to the c0ban.tv app and watch the video ads that appear on the screen.According to the C0ban team, the platform aims to solve the main problems of video ads market — skipping video ads and incomplete watching — by paying users for watching videos.

There are several stores in Japan that accept RYO and where users can, for example, pay for lunch with those coins.Join to our Telegram channel HYIP.com to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.С0ban.tv held one of the first ICOs in Japan in July 2016, and succeeded to raise about $6 million. Its app was released in February 2017, with cryptocurrency listed on a Japanese exchange in March 2017. Today, the c0ban trade volume has reached 100 million trades. On November 30, c0ban will get listed on the Latoken exchange and will be able to be traded for Bitcoin and Ethereum.