Tachain — Blockchain In The Field Of Transport Services 16 July 2018-22 July 2018

Tachain suggests using the blockchain to pay for taxi services and some other interesting features. The rapidly growing pace of urbanization is having an impact on the development of transport services: the need for them is increasing more and more. New services for this are being developed. As a rule, they are based on the use of fiat currency.We can describe the essence of the project in three words: Transport App, TMARQ, AdNet.

Transport Application

This application is a complete platform for transactions between passengers and taxi drivers, which includes a complete list of necessary services for this. App information about user statistics is stored in the blockchain, respectively, it is publicly available. This system will intelligently generate a rating.

The service will be as safe and convenient as for the passenger, and for the driver. In addition, it must allow both parties to earn money.


This service will be useful not only for drivers and passengers: travelers and advertisers will like it. In addition to the fact that the exchange provides a high speed of transactions, its very existence will promote TCHN.

In this project, the main goal is to create the most convenient and fast platform that will allow users to effectively make exchanges and purchase tokens.


Advertising allows passengers to spend their time traveling, earning tokens. This service will provide benefits to all parties: the organizer, advertisers and performers. One of the main advantages for advertisers is the ability to target ads based on the type of the target audience, geographic location, etc. All transactions are carried out through TMARQ exchange.

Main goal is important to create the most convenient API algorithm, which will be quite flexible. Also, this platform will be the most adaptable to the user in terms of relevance.To implement financial transactions will be used TCHN token. All operations are mainly related to the payment of taxi services and viewing advertising. Using the integrated exchange, users can convert tokens into other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the user can make money from the outside to the exchange. Despite this, the client will be able to pay for services with a card, which will make it easy for people who do not want to master the intricacies of working with cryptocurrency to log in.There are 2 main concepts of the business plan for Tachain: providing services to as many countries as possible, attracting a huge number of active users and advertisers promoting the project.

To implement them, the following actions are performed:

  1. Registration of transport agencies in countries where services will be provided.
  2. Execution of requests from operators.
  3. Selection of options for the company, bookkeeping and opening accounts.
  4. Staff training (drivers, operators).
  5. Installation of the necessary equipment in cars of taxi drivers.
  6. Marketing.
  7. Advanced driver training if necessary in the future.

Bonus amount depends on the time period: pre-sale period for a limited circle of people (maximum 50% bonus)  — 16 July – 22 July 2018; 35% bonus — 30 July – 1 October 2018; 25% bonus  — 2 October – 15 October 2018; 15% bonus  — 16 October – 31 October 2018.

  1. Tachain hard cap is about 10 million $.
  2. Pre-sale hard cap is 1 million $.
  3. Soft cap is 2 million $.
  4. 1 token price is 0.01 $.
  5. 275 mln TCHN released. This is the maximum token.
  6. Other supported cryptocurrencies- bitcoin, ethereum.
  7. Country — United Kingdom.

Tachain Advantages

  • High security;
  • Privacy protection;
  • Openness;
  • Speed of operations;
  • The most relevant and high-quality advertising, respectively, its high efficiency;
  • Customer loyalty.

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