IQMining – new generation of bitcoin mining

Mining cryptocurrencies can be extremely profitable and useful, but at the same time lots of people are scared of doing mistakes, such as buy a wrong hardware, misconfigure software or choose unprofitable coins. If you’re one of these people,

then you might use cloud mining: professionals of the industry will do everything correct, while all what you have to do is rent their capacities.
The most trustworthy and time-tested cloud mining service is IQMining. For two years of his impeccable work, he deserved no less impeccable reputation.

Also IQMining team has implemented a unique method of mining:

  • Algorithm analyze, which coin is most profitable to mine at the exact time
  • Company’s mining farm and asic miners work to get as much of these coins as possible
  • All coins are exchanged into the bitcoin
  • You get extra profit, company get extra small electricity bill

Another important feature of this website is availability of convenient analytical tools, such as mining calculator, these instruments can help you to choose the most suitable contract for you and calculate your potential profit.From the description on the main page we can note that the team knows a secret of mining that can make mining more efficient almost 3 times. It already works for 2 years, so there’s no reasons not to believe it. This site has more than 40,000 users and to become one of them all you have to do is complete an easy registration form. Write down your name, phone number, email address (by the way, there is no need in confirming these) and agree with that you’re outside the United States by pressing special button (unfortunately service is not available for american residents).

If you want to get more functions available, you can send your passport copy and electronic signature.
Verification process will take up to 2 days and it still not available for americans.
Follow this link and register to get 10% extra computing powerThere five different types of contracts. You choose type of your contract, period of work and other characteristics.

These are the best options for total beginners


Algorithm Coin Hashrate Price, $
SCRYPT Litecoin 1 Mh/s 3
SHA-256 Bitcoin 10 Gh/s 1
Ethash Ethereum 100 Kh/s 2
Equihash ZCash 1 Mh/s 2
X11 Dash 1 Mh/s 3

How the company works

The company concludes smart contracts with owners of mining facilities in several countries:

  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Georgia
  • China
  • Algeria

The company is officially registered and has its office in Seychelles.

Replenishment and withdrawals

Service accepts all popular payment systems, including visa/mastercard, qiwi and even a few cryptocurrencies. The minimum sum of replenishment is 0,01 BTC and the minimum sum of withdrawal is 0,001 BTC.

If you are more knowledgeable, you can make your own contract – choose and set everything yourself.

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