HighTechForex com (SCAM) — Walletwarming Sleeper in a New Clothes

HighTechForex com — Walletwarming Sleeper in a New Clothes

HighTechForex began as a sleeper but changed marketing to fast HYIP on September 6, 2018. There are two normal one and five-day offers for investing. There is no special representation of the program neither in the design nor in the information about a company’s activity.

According to the site, HighTechForex LTD has a team of pro-trades for successful trading in the stock market. Innovative tools, effective strategies, hundreds of thousands of satisfied investors. The creators insist that they have been working for more than 5 years, but they registered the company on September 3 this year.We made an investment and expect to make a profit. And what do you think about this project, about its admin, the policy of promotion? Share withdrawals at the most democratic community:

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3 Fast How-To for Start

I emphasize, you do not need to invest the last money. HYIP is a game. Don’t take loans, don’t carry valuables in the pawnshop, don’t take money from the family. Invest only the money that you can lose.


  • Click SIGN UP;
  • Fill out the form;
  • Click SUBMIT;
  • Click LOGIN.


  • Choose PLAN;
  • Select payment method;
  • Enter investment amount.


  • Click WITHDRAW;
  • Choose accrued profit;
  • Click withdraw.

The Bitcoin rate is fixed at $7000. Very optimistic, considering that today it trades at around $6200-$6300 and has a downward trend.Principal included in payment. According to unofficial sources, HighTechForex is the top project to attract deposits for today. Very rich marketing with more than 30 monitoring.

Financial Part: HighTechForex Profit Conditions

  • Investors can place a deposit through PM, Payeer, ETH, LTC, BTC, Dash, Cash.
  • The minimum deposit is $ 25.
  • The most attractive term for a deposit is one day from 3% profit.
  • Payments are manual within three calendar days.
  • There are no fees or any hidden payments.
  • Here the Bitcoin rate is fixed.
  • Principal included.

A Single-Level Affiliate Program

Registered users receive a promotional link for attracting referrals on the HighTechForex. They do not need to make direct investments for this. The referrer will receive 5% of the amount for each deposit from the payment system. The user will receive from 8% of net income for 4 days or 2% per day under good conditions of the money back. There are five promotion banners for marketing: 120 × 120, 125 × 125, 160 × 160, 468 × 60, 728 × 90.