Elon Musk Asks Dogecoin Creator to Get Rid of Crypto Scammers

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has asked the creator of Dogecoin (DOGE) Jackson Palmer to pay attention to  “annoying” cryptocurrency scammers on Twitter and come up with a way to combat with it. Musk tweeted on Monday, September 17.

“@ummjackson if you can help get rid of the annoying scam spammers, that would be much appreciated.”

Replying to a communication, Palmer ask Musk to get in touch with him using privat messages. He also promised to provide Musk with the script for solving the problem:

“If you DM me (your DMs aren’t open), I’ll send you the script – it’s short, simple and you just run it with cron somewhere.»

Commented on further communication Jackson Palmer tweeted: 

“Update: Elon has the script… we had a good chat on how @jack and the Twitter team should definitely automate and fix this problem on their end though’The bot attacks on Twitter started this year. Initially they were disguised as a small group of influential personalities from the sphere of blockchain, shifting to using the names of most known crypto-currency projects over time. For instance, Eon Mask himself repeatedly “distributed” the cryptocurrency with Warren Buffett and other investors, which probably led him to draw attention to the issue. Join to our Telegram channel HYIP.com to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.Musk is fare from the only a public figure which have been impersonated by scam bots. Multiple scam accounts on Twitter are positioned as accouts of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, while others still impersonated Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of Telegram.