NFL Players to Use Blockchain For Creating Content for Fans

NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has partnered with SportsCastr, a developer of live video streaming blockchain platform for sports commentary to help athletes to create and monetize content for their fans.Launched last June, SportsCastr’s blockchain platform called FanChain will be an ecosystem where NFL players provide live commentary on football as well as other sports events. By paying for this exclusive content in FanChain cryptocurrency, fans will help the athletes to monetize their service.

Besides providing the player-driven video content, the FanChain platform can also be used by fans for buying tickets for sporting events or sending virtual gifts to their favorite players.“SportsCastr enables fans to get authentic, real-time reactions and commentary from all sports fans and now, for the first time at scale, professional athletes. We’re excited to partner with the NFLPA to accelerate adoption and work together to enhance the fan experience,” said Andrew Schupak, CFO and Head of Strategy at SportsCastr.Join to our Telegram channel to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.As part of the agreement, SportsCastr has become an official licensee of the NFLPA in the categories of mobile apps and web-based platforms that allow users to discuss a variety of sports topics, including through video streams and chats. 

“Athletes constantly explore ways to build their personal brands and creatively connect with their fans, and SportsCastr’s live-stream capabilities align perfectly with these goals.We look forward to working with the team at SportsCastr to deliver an exciting new way for fans to engage with their favorite athletes while watching the sports they love,”  said Ricky Medina, Senior Manager of Business Development for NFL Players Inc.