CoinTradeFinance (SCAM) Review

General information

Today under the focus of attention is the project that started on February, 12th and already gained its reputation in the net. For the last term of work it has had time to pass a considerable quantity of the circles which have brought investors a good profit. On the day of the project launch there was the information on the net that Coin Trade Finance has experienced managers and this fact has attracted quite active attention of investors. Nevertheless, the administration does not force events in terms of project promotion and is in no hurry to present its project on various resources, and as we know, successive promotion is a guarantee of the long working capacity of any HYIP.

The site of Coin Trade Finance is presented only in English. It can mean that the administration takes course for international development, aiming their project at foreign investors. As it follows from the name of this high-yielding project, its activity is focused on the crypto-currency trade. Coin Trade Finance Company has an official registration in the UK under number 11193480 and carries out trading using the most popular crypto currencies.
Investment plans
Coin Trade Finance marketing did not become a novelty for anybody, because such investment conditions have long become a classic. Although the interest rates are high, the tariffs are really working, but it is better to correlate this profitability with risks. Do not do not be swayed by incredibly high interest rates. It is better to give preference to the safest short-term sub-plans than invest large sums or invest for a long time.
In Coin Trade Finance there are eight tariffs and each of them has a large number of sub-plans. There is no point in writing about them all, so we will focus your attention on the most working options.

125% After 1 Day
• Rate of return: from 105% to 125%
• Deposit term: 1 day
• Amount of investment: from $ 25 to $ 100,000
• Recommended sub-plans: with a yield of 105% and 107%
190% After 3 Days
• Rate of return: from 117% to 190%
• Deposit term: 3 days
• Amount of investment: from $ 25 to $ 100,000
• Recommended sub-plans: with a yield of 117% and 125%
300% After 5 Days
• Rate of return: from 135% to 300%
• Deposit term: 5 days
• Amount of investment: from $ 25 to $ 100,000
• Recommended sub-plans: with a return of 135% and 160%
420% After 7 Days
• Rate of return: from 160% to 420%
• Deposit term: 7 days
• Amount of investment: from $ 25 to $ 100,000
• Recommended sub-plans: with a return of 160% and 200%
We do not recommend for investment the tariff for 21 days and VIP-plans, as we consider them the most risky for investments.
Features of marketing
• Payment systems for dollar investments are connected to the project – Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer. The site also operates with Bitcoin and Litecoin.
• The Bitcoin rate is fixed at 1 BTC = $ 10,000.
• Any investor can create an unlimited number of deposits.
• There is no reinvestment in the project – for reinvestment, you need to withdraw funds to the payment system, and then create the deposit anew.
• The withdrawal is only possible on the replenishment EPS.
• Profit is charged to the balance in the project, you need to create an application in your account in order to withdraw it. Processing of applications is manual, it can take up to 24 working hours.
• Commission for the withdrawal of bitcoins – 0.001 BTC.
• No withdrawal limits.

Partnership program
Remuneration from deposits of invited investors in Coin Trade Finance applies only to the first level of the affiliate system and is 5%. Getting a bonus does not depend on whether you have a personal contribution to the project, and this profit can be used at personal discretion – you can withdraw it to a purse or invest in Coin Trade Finance.

Technical competence of the site

• NameCheapInc. Domain that is valid until 07.12.2018 (for 1 year);
• IP-address190.115.24.42 (located on the dedicated server);
• Dancom Ltd hosting;
• Positive SSL COMODO (for 1 year);
• Script from Gold Coders (license is available);
• Unique design, site has only English version.

Coin Trade Finance is a highly profitable project, which proved its efficiency not in word, but in deed. The site is in operation since February 12 and having one-day tariffs successfully pays a profit to investors. This helps the project to earn a positive reputation in the net. There is information that the project has experienced admins and the quality of the project preparation proves this fact. Given that the development of the project is very well done, it can be expected that the project can show highly profitable results. Only time will tell which will come true. Nevertheless, the project has everything for quality work, as well as the marketing cannot leave investors indifferent. We have the opportunity to earn 5% of net income having invested only for one day with a minimum deposit amount.
In conclusion of this review, I would like to say that Coin Trade Finance deserves our attention and it would be inexcusable to miss such a project from the field of view – especially when we can point out so few really high-quality fasts. But it is no use in losing vigilance and going for greater risks, do not forget about the diversification of funds.