Effective Ways to Boost Referrals

Many know that a large affiliate program can make a good passive profit. It is very profitable to learn to attract as many partners as possible into HYIP projects, as it offers a good income. There are a lot of ways to get referrals, but each is based on an advertising campaign of a certain investment fund. There are paid and free methods of obtaining referrals. Now we’ll look at the most efficient and most available ways to find free referrals.


Engaging acquaintances and friends through your referral link is probably the very first method that comes to mind after building an affiliate program. However, this method has several significant drawbacks: You can hardly have more than a hundred friends you can invite to the project.

Even if some of them are registered through a referral link and start working, there is a possibility that they might not like it for certain reasons. Besides, it might ruin your relationship. It won’t be enough to build a huge system of referrals just to have invited friends. However, for HYIP investors, who are only developing their network, it’s a good start.

Social networks

This is a fairly promising method because there are thousands of people in social networks, many of whom are not against earning. The main thing is to inform about all in detail. For example, you can create a special group that describes investment projects with the possibility of making a profit on the Internet. If you organize multiple groups on different social networks, you can increase the number of attendees that you can invite.

Video Tutorial

It is not enough just to invite referrals to the HYIP.  A user can go through your referral’s link and get registered. If this is a novice and inexperienced HYIP investor, he may have many questions: Where did I get? What should I do? How can I make money? Without getting the answers, he will just leave the program and never come back.

The video tutorial will help you solve this problem. The user watches a video that shows a phased action plan, and sees the work principle: How and what to do and the most important thing – how much profit he can get. If he gets curious, he goes to the site through the referral link and begins to work actively. Thus, you receive extremely interested partners who want to work and earn a profit.

It is best to place a video tutorial on YouTube that is the leader among the video content. There are also a number of similar sites that can be used to place a video.

Blogs and Forums

There are many thread blogs and forums on the Internet that can help you find new investors. You can write an article describing the HYIP and your referral link. Keep in mind that you need a quick, easy-to-use, yet motivational, text that describes the benefits of the fund. A vague and dim description will not attract new partners.

At the same time, there is no need to exaggerate the profit opportunities in the advertised HYIP program, because the users who communicate on these forums and sites generally have an idea of such earning. This could adversely affect the article and the number of participants involved.

Once the referral link and article are placed, their further promotion is of particular importance. Users will have many questions about activities of the investment fund that must be answered. This way you communicate with users, motivating them to work in the HYIP program. Besides, thanks to the article, the forum becomes more popular, since more potential HYIP investors will visit it.

This way of finding new partners in the investment fund is quite effective. Thanks to it you can invite tens, hundreds, thousands of referrals. However, your result will depend directly on the time spent on posting the article, communication, and compliance with the rules of the forum.

Paid ways to attract referrals:

  • buying referrals at auctions and exchanges;
  • advertising on the HYIP itself;
  • buying advertising places on blogs and websites
  • advertising to attract new partners to other investment projects.

As you can see, there is a huge amount of ways to invite referrals to the HYIP. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose. Everything will depend on your abilities and your endeavors. If to properly organize an attraction process, future earnings on referrals can become a major income in HYIP programs.