What Are the Types of HYIP Admins?

how-to-milk-hyips, learn-from-the-pros - What Are the Types of HYIP Admins?

If you are thinking of profiting on HYIPs or wonder who the HYIP admins are in real life — this article is for you. So, there are three main categories of HYIP admins: newbies, experienced administrators, scammers. Next, we consider each type separately.

how-to-milk-hyips, learn-from-the-pros - What Are the Types of HYIP Admins?

Newbies. These are often people with no experience and even without a holistic view of what a HYIP is, but who think that they have only to create a fairly good similarity of a HYIP to earn millions. Even billions. The fact that this approach is used by the whole world and his wife does not stop them. Therefore they organize new projects and often earn on them. But mostly they lose. Those few, who have something to work out, go to the second category. Projects of such administrators are often ambiguous with chaotic work and the same erratic earnings or scam.

Experienced admins. They are rare, especially today, during general apathy and some “dust” condition of the whole industry. The purpose of these administrators is to create the most honest HYIP, scamming for such people does not have much sense, and a good reputation can bring several thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes they work as a team, creating projects one after another, which go in a flow, without losing their uniqueness and quality.

Projects from such people are always expected, “juicy” and some of the most wanted, even if the result is “not very” good. The main thing is reputation. This is the magic word that makes many turn a blind eye to flops. Most often, they justify their expectations and many of them earn, and their projects are given as an example to follow.

Scammers. The name speaks for itself. These administrators create the most inexpensive project, and, to speak frankly, HYIP junk. The design is jammed into holes, which can be found in any sharing services, and what is more, you’ll be paid for using it. The script as well as hosting is free, and past its best. SSL is absent as a class. 99.9% is a scam in the early days, if not hours, from the launch of the project. The goal of these projects is to collect as much as naïve beginners can give. For the more experienced and just watchful will not fall for it. Such projects are not designed for more.

In addition to these three, there is one category of administrators. It is very rare and very ambiguous. It is administrators who are engaged in real activity. That is, their legend is not fake. As a rule, they are people from Forex, binary options or betting.

Such people are golden treasure, because they have no reason to go with your money, so long as their stable work is the best way to enrich themselves. However, there is one “but”! As practice shows, after finding a truly reliable way to earn money, the absolute number of such people is not interested in creating a high-yield investment program. Just because they are not interested. Their yield is high, does not depend on the influx of people and money, and they’re not going to share secrets with others. For them HYIP activity is a waste of time that they can use wisely. Typically, they work through personal contacts, not bothering to fuss with scripts and other trifles.

HYIP industry is the most uncertain and unstable place for profiting. That it was, and as such it will be, as it is the nature of man, of both admins and common hypers. The division — “newbies”, “pros”, “scammer” — is highly conditional and many projects that could not and should not have been successful — managed to work and make excellent profits, and vice versa.

If there is a universal formula, it is this: evaluate a project according to the final readiness. Analyze reactions of people, do not rush to conclusions, if there is a possibility of personal contact with the administration — pour them with questions, but find out everything you need. And never risk the money that you cannot afford to lose.

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