Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 4)

This is the part 4 of the article. Read the Part 3 .


Bitcoin is known around the world. However, there are some reasons why the payment system is not appropriate for regular use in HYIP investing.

The first reason is extreme price variability: $100 on your Bitcoin account can easily reduce to $ 120 or $ 90 the next day.

The second reason is confirmation of the transaction: every Bitcoin transaction must be confirmed and, consequently, the transfers are not instant. During the rise in bitcoin’s price periods, transaction confirmation can be waited for hours.

In addition, there are several ways of investing Bitcoins in HYIPst: with conversion to dollars, without conversion, with a fixed rate. As a result, for a beginner who has just come into HYIP world, all this features may seem too complicated.

Bitcoin is the only payment method that is 100% irreversible and cannot be charged back. For this reason you should be careful when sending Bitcoins; be sure that you are sending them to a trusted vendor. All financial and technical data related to the Bitcoin network can be found in a Bitcoin charts.

Bitcoin Pros:

•No third-party seizure

•Zero or low fees

•Fast international payments;

•No Risk of “Charge-backs”

•Аccounting transparency

•High-level user’s account security;

•Protection against fraud

Bitcoin Cons:

•Bitcoins are not widely accepted

•Bitcoin valuation fluctuates

•Built in deflation