Telegram-based HYIPs

HYIP projects are primarily projects that are ready to implement various innovations. moreover, the more unique and unusual such innovation is, the more interest the project generates, which can, in turn, bring more capital in HYIPs. Therefore, we can say that “perks” in any such project are the key to its success.

And it is not surprising when immediately after the general public discovered Telegram, and after they understood how the system was created and a bot was set, developers started to introduce this system in all possible ways. Today, we have even several precedents where HYIP-projects consisted entirely of Telegram service and online bot, which handled all the registration applications, investment, payouts and interest contributions on deposits.

All this happened within the program that you could download either on your PC or as a mobile app. At this stage, these projects are not yet much popular among investors, mainly due to the small number of Telegram users, but the prospect of such “cooperation” between the HYIP and the service is high.

Not only Telegram may serve and, in fact, serves as a fully-featured script for any HYIP (where it is only important to control the receipt and payment of funds, and also safety from hacking), it is also free as an operation tool. And this is a significant reduction in the HYIP cost for the developer. Instead of the script and its settings (as well as the layout, which also takes time and money) the latter, can concentrate on marketing and promotion. This is the best offer, and we personally believe that it will take another couple of years and most HYIP projects will use Telegram-bots in their sites, or even go away completely in Telegram itself. Innovations are inevitable, especially when they are beneficial for both parties.