Frank Abagnale — ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Conman

Frank Abagnale is a former check swindler, a forger, who cashed counterfeit checks worth more than two and a half million dollars in 26 countries of the world for five years in 1960s. his life story was even screened in the movie “Catch Me If You Can.”

He committed his first scam being still a teenager. He used his father’s Mobil card to buy auto parts, which subsequently sold back at a lower price. He did not realize that his father was the only person to pay the bills. When Frank was exposed, his mother sent him to a detention facility for juveniles for four months.

Once, when he was nearly caught getting off the plane, he changed his uniform for a doctor clothes and then he worked as a medical officer for eleven months.

After moving to New York, Frank lived exclusively on those incomes which received from his fraud. One of his most famous frauds was printing his account number on fake deposit slips for all the money that customers put in the bank to come on his account. And by the time the banks had realized what was happening, Frank had already taken forty thousand, and fled. For two years Abagnale traveled around the world and hosted a masquerade: he presented as a Pan Am airline pilot and even flew on airplanes for free.

Frank was accidentally caught in France, and was jailed for six months. He was then extradited to Sweden, and there he spent another six months. After the long-awaited expiration Abagnale went to America, where he was caught and sentenced to 12 years in prison. But he found a way out in the literal sense of the word by disguising as an alleged secret officer to supervise prisons. But he was again caught in New York and returned to prison. After five years in prison, the US government offered Frank freedom in exchange for helping them to expose speculators and fraudsters free of charge.

Today Abagnale runs a consulting company which advises companies on fraud issues and has become a multimillionaire.