Terms and Conditions of Investment

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Be sure that you understand very well and know the investment terms and conditions of the HYIP in which you want to invest your money. The following points require special attention:

Eostrade.market HYIP — Profit Coverage of Cryptoarbitrage Needs• Are payments made directly to your e-wallet or onto your internal account?

• Whether payment or withdrawal of your interest accruals / capital takes place automatically? Or do you need to make an additional appropriate request?

It is important:
 Until your funds get to your e-wallet or bank account, you have no profit!

• Is there a minimum amount for a withdrawal request?

• Does the amount you want to invest correspond to the minimum or maximum deposit?  Just think: whether the program that requires just a few dollars as the minimum deposit could be serious? It is unlikely, since the administrator will have to spend a part of the capital on the development and fees. Most likely, this is a fraudulent scheme !!!

• Whether the interest rate is fixed or adjustable?

• How interest is accrued? Daily, weekly or monthly?

• Will you get back the initially invested capital onto your account on the last day of the investment plan, or will it be already included in the accrued amount with interest?

• What are the terms of the investment plan?
 Some believe that a stable HYIP should have the full invested amount for a short time to realize profitable investments.

• If a HYIP offers several investment plans, be sure you understand clearly their differences!

• Is it possible to get back your deposit on the investment plan before the deadline? If there is such an opportunity, you can be sure that you are clearly aware of the conditions under which it’s done! Most HYIPs can impose fines of up to 50% in this case!

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