How to Milk HYIPs: How and Where to Find HYIPs?
 (Part 13)

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In this post we will continue to learn all the details of HYIP investment. Namely, we will discuss how and where to search HYIPs.

HYIP programs can be found in several ways:

  • Through monitoring: browse for “HYIP monitoring.” On such sites there are lists describing different HYIP programs, their payment status (pay / not pay), and information on interest and other.

The most prominent monitorings that have been functioning for many years are:

  • With the help of forums: browse for “HYIP forums.” 72
    New HYIP programs are most often advertised on these forums by the admin himself or a referrer that provide all the details, terms and conditions of new HYIPs. They open a new “topic” on the forum in which users / investors can share their experiences, comment, show “printscreens” of program payments.

The most famous HYIP forums:

  • With the help of search engines: for this you just need to browse for “investment program” or “HYIP”. You will immediately see a lot of links to the sites with these programs. Many of them will relate to monitoring and HYIP forums, and the rest – to HYIPs themselves. However, this method is not as effective as the two previous ones.
  • Through advertising: there are a lot of banners and text ads that advertise different HYIPs everywhere on the Internet.
  • By e-mail: if you are registered on any site devoted to investment (subscribed to newsletters), you will be always informed about the launch of new programs. However, always check the address of the sender and avoid spam! Reliable investment programs in any case will not use spam to communicate with their visitors and subscribers.

In the next post I will cover what types of HYIPs are there. So, watch out for updates in the blog!

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