C-7 Limited (SCAM!) Review

C-7 Limited is a long-term HYIP, launched just over a year ago in February 7, 2014. The program is very popular among investors. Judging from systematic development of the C-7 Limited, tariff plans (yield), quality of preparation, the HYIP technical part, proper promotion, good marketing, a convincing legend — the webmaster maintains focus on a long-term work of the project.

But, of cause, it is not time for us to relax: HYIPs exist as long as admins decide. If you have understood this for yourself, then we can go to the other factors and features of the HYIP.


The proverb “Fine dress helps to impress’’ is applicable to HYIPs. So, let me start with the website design. The C-7 Limited website has a clear, crisp, uncluttered layout. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to invest in the HYIP and earn money on its affiliate program. A special thanks to C-7 webmaster for Investment Calculator that greatly simplifies accounting of costs and profits.


It is noteworthy that initially the website design was poor, based on a default template with no changes. The website was upgraded in March 2015. An active advertising campaign of the HYIP started at the same time.

The website is available in two languages, English and Russian. German, French and Spanish versions are already under way. Thus, C-7 Limited website has a classic design that could serve as an example for HYIP webmasters and deserves 5 of 5 stars.

Investment Plans

C-7 offers an investment program with variable payouts. So, turn up your sleeves if you wont to get acquainted with all of them. May God and the table below help you.


In order to find return on your deposit from the chosen plan you can use Investment Calculator on the HYIP website. Take into account, to find out your real profit you must deduct your initial deposit from the amount calculated via the website.

Payment Processors

C-7 Limited works with the most popular HYIP payment processors: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. Minimum deposit amount is 25$, minimum withdrawal amount — 0,1$ for Perfect Money and 1$ for other payment providers. Deposit and withdrawal are instant. So any payment withdraw delay is coming from a payment processor and the devil. 🙂

Affiliate Program

C-7 Limited allows you not only to earn on investment, but to make money on a single level affiliate program. You will earn 7% from deposit of your referral. Rewards will be automatically credited to your account after your referral makes investment.

Domain and Technical Details

Domain and Technical Details of the site instill confidence. The site uses a good hosting server, SSL EV (green bar) certificate and is well ddos protected.

License script: GoldCoders script.

Domain Name: C-7.CC

Hosting and DDoS: Using hosting of Dancom Ltd.

Reverse IP: Hosted on a dedicated server.

Domain: Registered domain from Jan 17, 2014 to Jan 17, 2024.

C-7 Limited website is ddos protected by DDoS-Guard.net

SSL EV (green bar) certificate is provided by Comodo Inc.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with Support Service via contact form, live chat, e-mail or by phone. The customer support is available in English and Russian languages. The HYIP has profiles in Facebook, Google+, VKontakte, Twitter, as well as a channel on YouTube.

In the event of the End of the World and widespread lack of Internet access you can contact with the Support by sending a letter by postal service. 🙂


C-7 Limited is present on most HYIP monitors, well-known HYIP forums contain threads dedicated to the program. The HYIP is well-advertised in social networks. The active advertising campaign of the project started in March 2015. This indirectly indicates that with the right approach to the HYIP, correct calculation of when to enter and exit, common investors may also receive considerable profits in the project.


C-7 Limited is a long-term HYIP launched just over a year ago. The program offers sustainable investment plans with good management of the site. It seems that it is a high-quality, long-lived program. This can be gauged from tariff plans, quality of preparation, the HYIP technical part, proper promotion, good marketing, a convincing legend.

To invest or not to invest — you decide. But always keep in mind that a HYIP can be closed at any stage, once an admin decides it.