BTC Hourly (SCAM!) Review

Do you wish to become as wealthy as the comic character Richie Rich? Do his money and luxurious lifestyle inspire you but you hope that everything works out like a fairytale without much effort and hassle? If yes, then I will recommend BTC Hourly to you.

What is BTC Hourly?

To learn about BTC Hourly, you will have to redirect your mind to a business perspective and then read through the rest of the article.

BTC Hourly works on the principle of arbitrage trading. Arbitrage trading involves selling and buying of an asset simultaneously, benefiting from the difference in price. It is a type of trade that works on manipulating price differences of identical items on different market forums.


BTC Hourly’s asset in arbitrage trading is the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography. The first ever cryptocurrency introduced was Bitcoin in 2009. After its success, many other alternatives were introduced like Litecoin, Namecoin, and Dogecoin.

As the cryptocurrency is decentralized money, you can earn as much as you can without any restriction and paying tax to any government. Imagine all the wealth that belongs to you and you only without giving a share to anyone else, not even to the government.

How to make money with BTC Hourly?

BTC Hourly can be thought of as the broker in a stock market who buys and sells its customers’ shares. The difference is that a broker trades shares, whereas BTC Hourly trades Bitcoins.

BTC Hourly works on the strategy of investing Bitcoins which are then sold at prices higher than they were bought. The significant fluctuation in the market allows loads of transactions to be carried out by BTC Hourly, which generates profit. Bitcoin prices rise and fall over 30 percent in a single day unlike major forex currency, which hardly moves 1 percent in a day. That profit earned is distributed among BTC Hourly and its clients.


The customer is asked to register with the site by creating an account. Once the account has been set up, the first Bitcoin is transferred into the BTC Hourly site and an investment plan is selected. On the selection of the investment plan, the clients’ Bitcoins are used and sold while keeping track of the market trend, making sure that the transaction provides a maximum profit. The profit earned is then shared between BTC Hourly and the client.

Once invested, the Bitcoins are sold and the profit earned can be withdrawn immediately by the customers.

BTC Hourly Investment Plans

BTC Hourly offers its clients three investment plans to become wealthy:

  • Up to 0.75% of the initial investment per hour for life. It has a minimum limit of 0.001 Bitcoin and a maximum of 5000 Bitcoins
  • Up to 6000% of the initial investment after a period of 45 days. It has a minimum limit of 0.2 Bitcoins and a maximum of 5000 Bitcoins
  • Up to 9000% of the initial investment after a period of 60 days. It has a minimum limit of 0.1 Bitcoins and a maximum of 5000 Bitcoins

Payment Methods

BTC Hourly allows its clients to pay through the three methods mentioned below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer
  • PM

BTC Hourly is a scam or not?

Are you afraid that your money will be wasted? Are you scared of any type of fraud? Do not worry as BTC Hourly is a genuine Bitcoin broker that makes its customer’s privacy and security its top priority.

Moreover, BTC Hourly does not tolerate any kind of spam or UCE in its program. It immediately and permanently removes violators from the program.

BTC Hourly Rating

BTC Hourly was launched on 13th April 2016 and in such a short time, it has gained enough popularity and success.

  • At HYIPSTOP, it has acquired 96% positive votes and 4% of neutral votes.
  • At AllWorldHYIP, it has received 100% very good votes among very good, good, bad and very bad.
  • At Punk Monitor, it has gained 95% excellent votes and 5% good votes.

So what are you waiting for? Invest into BTC Hourly as soon as possible and enjoy the perks of luxury while relaxing in your lounge. I guarantee you will become a millionaire one day!